My name is Alex.

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I live with my wife and dog in Boston, where I work as a software engineer at Google. I studied physics, French, and political science in college and more recently studied computer science at Tufts.

I used to work at Giant Otter Technologies.

I’m on GitHub, twitter (infrequently) @lxmkls, and Hacker News. I usually post my blog posts to HN for feedback and discussion.

I write to teach, learn, and get better at writing. I also like to help out on reddit and stackoverflow. I’ve found that writing and teaching are two of the best ways to learn. Explaining things is hard, but I enjoy it!

Blog powered by Hugo and runs on GitHub pages (keeping it very simple). Theme is a modified version of Cactus Plus by nodejh.

The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company.